FAQ 常見問題

1. 如果我無信用卡怎麼辦?

轉數快至電話號碼 91461004 (FLOWER IN GLASS)

銀行過數:livi Bank (388-756-2-39457271)

2. 購買流程:

添加至購物車 → 結賬付款 → 填寫收貨地址(可註冊賬號) → 付款 → 收貨

或透過WhatsApp +852 9146 1004落單(支持Paypal, Apple Pay, Google Pay)


3. 發貨時間


4. 運費如何計算?


5. 本網站內所有圖片僅供參考,由於光線原因可能稍有差別。

6. 公司提供企業禮品定制,具體業務可聯絡我們洽談。


1. What can I do if I don't have a credit card?

Customers can contact us and pay to the designated account through FPS, Payme, Wechat Pay, Alipay.

2. Purchase process.

Add to cart → Checkout payment → Fill in the delivery address (you can register your account) → Payment → Receive the goods

Or order via WhatsApp +852 9146 1004 (Paypal, Apple Pay, Google Pay supported)

After receiving the order, we will contact the customer for delivery. 

3. Shipping Time

Due to the different production time for different products, we will make your order as soon as possible, please consult our customer service for the specific time.

4. How is the shipping cost calculated?

Door-to-door Delivery charge is $50. An additional $120 will be charged for the specified delivery time.

5. All pictures on this website are for reference only, and may vary slightly due to lighting. 

6. We provide customized corporate gifts, please contact us for specific business.