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[fluffystar] 可愛到發芽的棒球帽

[fluffystar] 可愛到發芽的棒球帽

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Flower in Glass與台灣人氣插畫師fluffystar聯名製作可愛到發芽的棒球帽。超級無敵可愛的貓咪情侶Bobo和Nini本想種些花花草草,Nini使壞向Bobo灑水,怎料Bobo頭上竟然長出可愛的小花花!

全棉舒適的設計,透氣乾爽,就讓fluffystar x Flower為你遮陽吧!

Plant more Flowers, Love more Fluffies!


帽圍:56-58 cm (可調節)

帽深:13 cm

帽簷:7 cm










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