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Flower in Glass - 致力讓每個人都有權利表達永恆的承諾 / We dedicated to empowering everyone to express eternal commitment.
品牌介紹:Flower in Glass誕生於2016年,是一個承載著環保和永續發展理念的永生花藝品牌。永生花不僅是一種表達愛意的方式,更體現了對自然的尊重和珍惜。我們的花藝師團隊精心打造每一款產品,力求將自然之美與現代審美相結合,傳遞出永恆的愛與承諾,讓世界變得更加美好。
Brand Introduction: Flower in Glass was founded in 2016 as a preserved flower art brand that embodies the principles of environmental protection and sustainable development. Preserved flowers are not only a means of expressing love but also reflect a profound respect and appreciation for nature. Our team of floral artists meticulously crafts each product, striving to blend the beauty of nature with modern aesthetics, conveying eternal love and commitment, and making the world a better place.



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1. Email:floweringlassinfo@gmail.com

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